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Scottish Cricket Set to be Stumped by Lack of Scorers

Balmoral Cricket Ground with the Queen's Balmoral Castle in the Background
Graphic © Stanley Howe via Wikimedia Commons

Scottish cricket might not have the status of the English game, but it remains a popular sport whenever there is a break in the summer rain. (Graphic here of Cricket at Duthie Park Aberdeen is © Bill Harrison via Wikimedia Commons).

However a lack of scorers is threatening to stymie the enjoyment of Scottish club cricketers.

The number of qualified scoring officials in Scotland is small and some are approaching retirement age. Insiders have said that it could lead to international fixtures being cancelled.

Cricket Scotland, the game's governing body here, has issued a public appeal for volunteers to come forward.

Andy Macpherson, president of Carlton Cricket Club, the reigning Scottish champions for the second time in six years, said: "It is something that a lot of teams have been struggling with. One of our most experienced scorers gave up a couple of years ago and that did cause us problems.

"Hopefully modern technology will help to encourage younger people to come forward and get involved. Moving to computerised scoring systems will hopefully make it more interesting and more relevant."

About 20,000 people regularly play cricket in Scotland. There are currently just ten fully-qualified officials.

The high point for Scottish cricket was when Freuchie Cricket Club in Fife won the village cricket championships at Lord's in 1985.

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January 2017

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