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Billy Connolly at 75

Painting of Billy Connolly in his younger days in the People's Palace, Glasgow Green

Billy Connolly's unique talent has been recognised in three, quite different, ways. Many eyebrows were raised when Buckingham Palace announced that Billy would be dubbed a knight of the realm. Shortly afterwards Sir Billy became Dr Sir Billy when University of Strathclyde gave him an honorary PhD.

But the moist striking award, timed to coincide with his 75th birthday, will be when three murals, commissioned across Glasgow and based on portraits by John Byrne, Rachel Maclean and Jack Vettriano go on display.

The recent graphic of Billy is © Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

In accepting the degree, the comedian turned actor said: "I never wanted to attend university. The only time I was in one was to deliver coal. I'm a little boy who didn't do his homework.

I think if I had got a real degree I would hate me. Sitting there having worked my bum off to see this lout go up and get a degree for nothing." For more on Billy, see the Billy Connolly Web Site

For more on the artists who are creating the murals see John Byrne Web Site, Rachel McLean Web Site and Jack Vettriano Web Site

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1 July 2017

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