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Killie ing Me Softly With His (Pie)

Kilmarnock Football Club (nickname, of course, is "Killie" - hence the play of words in the title above) is typical of a number of clubs who are trying to compete at a meaningful level in Scotland but do not have the budgets that are available to Glasgow's giant Celtic and Rangers teams.

Brownings the Bakers is also based in Kilmarnock and has a very good reputation. It too works hard to compete against the giants to play in the big league and congratulations to them for getting listed in some top supermarkets.

Since 2003 Brownings have been supplying hungry fans with the "Killie Pie" - steak and gravy in a pastry casing and lid. People liked it. It won prizes and is now sold through many shops in Scotland. So far, so good - until recently, that is when Michael Johnston, chairman of the football club and John Gall, the Brownings boss fell out.

The club has legal rights protecting the 'Killie' name and now the baker has renamed its delicacy 'The Kilmarnock Pie.'

Is it too late for these two talented and successful gentleman to come to some deal that will be of benefit to everyone?

This season , Kilmarnock Football Club narrowly escaped being relegated from the Scottish Premier League (SPL). If that had happened, sales of those Killie Pies at half time would have been much reduced!

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June 2016

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