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The Edinburgh - Glasgow Rivalry - a Cartoonist's View

Thanks to the social media gurus at Jurys Hotels who have alerted us to a fun new take on the traditional Edinburgh v Glasgow rivalry. They asked a cartoonist to look at the various attractions of both cities in a way that would attract attention.

Having spent time in both cities I think the artist has done a good job and his take on the Glasgow patter (or patois, if you are posh) hits the mark in my opinion. I hope it raises a smile with you and that you can spot some of the little jokes in the background of some of the drawings.

The artist is Andy Fanton who has done lots of work for leading publications including Dundee's own Beano.

Jurys commissioned the work to mark the opening of new hotels in both Glasgow and Edinburgh - they now have two in each city. Interesting that the PR take is on selling the destinations rather going on about the fluffy towels and the quality of the mattresses.

The cartoon (in a larger format) cn be found at Jury's Inn - Tale of two cities.

Other fun items can be found at Jury's Inn Blog at Jury's Inn - Blog Index. (Don't miss the earlier pages accessed by the index at the foot of the page)

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May 2016

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