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The Cumnock Tryst Festival

James MacMillan at Dumfries House, one on the Cumnock Tryst Venues.
Graphic courtesy of Cumnock Tryst

Cumnock, a small former mining town in Ayrshire will be hosting a major music festival this October.

The project is has been led by Sir James MacMillan, the composer, who was brought up in the town.

The Cumnock Tryst, will play host to internationally renowned performers, including the bass singer Sir Willard White and virtuoso violinist Nicola Benedetti (picture on left via Wikimedia Commons). Nicola comes from nearby West Kilbride.

Sir James said: "I know a lot of people don't normally regard Cumnock as a place where you would expect a classical music festival. But I know it as a very musical place. Why shouldn't places like this benefit from a cultural phenomenon?

"Why is it always the leafy, well-to-do areas of Scotland that get the arts provision? Cumnock and places like it are as deserving of the arts and cultural input as anywhere else."

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June 2016

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