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Scottish Tech Company Trilas Li-Fi

pureLiFi Dongle

PureLiFi, the Edinburgh technology firm that uses light to provide wireless communications, is carrying out the world's first large-scale trial of its system in Singapore.

An agreement with Singapore's Info-communications Development Media Authority (IMDA), provides for the launch of the technology which has the potential to be significantly faster than current Wife systems. (Graphic shows Singapore by Night.

"The radio spectrum is the traditional way of transmitting data, but it is limited," explains PureLiFi founder Harald Haas (pictured here), who has been developing this technology for more than ten years and is known as the 'father of LiFi'.

"We don't have enough capacity on the radio spectrum. What light provides is 1,000 times more capacity than radio. This additional capacity comes for free, as there is no regulation on the visible light spectrum for wireless data communication. To enable future economies to grow, we need an additional wireless data transmission lifeline, and light provides this."

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20 May 2017

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