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Mull Mansion Moves to Monks - From a B&B

Oran Na Mara

Oran Na Mara (Song of the Sea in English) which was on the market for 375,000 pounds and enjoy a stunning position overlooking Bunessan Bay, used to be a four-star B&B, which boasted a sauna and under-floor heating.

Father Seraphim Aldea said it would take time and money before a permanent Orthodox Monastery Of All Celtic Saints could be built but the house purchase would allow them to start "a proper monastic life on the island".

Oran Na Mara had the perfect structure for a community of five or six monks, he added. "There is even a small storage shed that can be easily turned into a chapel."

Anda Campbell, who lives next door, said: "It's not what we expected. I got an email to say they were crowd-funding and were trying to get some money gathered up, but I thought it was just a joke."

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20 May 2017

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