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Clan Chiefs Have Another Go at Storming Edinburgh Castle

Scotland's clan chiefs have returned to Edinburgh Castle for the first time since the 1745 Jacobite rebellion. More than 30 clansmen and women marched to the Great Hall at Edinburgh for the first time since the attempted siege of the castle by Bonnie Prince Charlie's forces.

The visit was organised by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo ahead of this summer's event which will invite Clan Chiefs to lead their members onto the esplanade for the first time. A total of 57 clans are due to be represented.

Brigadier David Allfrey, Chief Executive and Producer of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, said: "Edinburgh Castle has been at the centre of so many extraordinary events over the years and it is tremendous that we will see another story playing out this summer.

"I wonder what the forebears of the Clan Chiefs and the leaders of the Families would be thinking if they could witness so many of their descendants being entertained in the Great Hall?"

Sir Malcolm MacGregor, convener of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, said it was a "great honour" to take part in the Royal Military Tattoo this year. He said: "There will be clan representatives from around the world, in keeping with the high international profile of the Tattoo, and the global nature of today's clan network.

Organisers said the recent gathering was an indication of the strength of clan loyalty which still survives in Scotland, with more than 350 clans in existence.

In September 1745, more than 900 Highland clansmen marched to the City of Edinburgh to lay siege to the Castle. Although they managed to capture Edinburgh and Holyrood, they were never successful in capturing the Castle as General Guest, Governor at the time, would not surrender the Castle to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his troops.

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20 May 2017

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