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- Combating the Glimmer in the Glens - From Whisky Casks to Designer Shades

Glenmorangie Designer Sunglasses

Glenmorangie, the whisky company which was bought by to the French drinks company Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton in 2004, is going into the optics business with a maker of upmarket sunglasses.

According to Glenmorangie's flowery announcement, "There is soul in wood: spirit, character - and the mysterious beauty of something that grows according to its own rules. To celebrate the wooden casks which help create Glenmorangie's unnecessarily well-made whisky, Glenmorangie has formed a pioneering collaboration with Finlay & Co., manufacturers of unique wooden-framed sunglasses.

Designed and made in Britain, from Glenmorangie's own American white oak casks, the sunglasses are designed to display its unique grain and natural finish, then numbered and will have the option to be personally engraved for each customer.

The sunglasses retail at £300 a pair - you might need a wee nip of whisky to dull the pain after writing the cheque.

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23 April 2016

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