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Perth Pontoons Hitting a Buffer?

River Tay at Perth

The banks of the Tay provide one of the most pleasant features in the centre of Scottish city and Perth Council plan to capitalise on the river's appeal. But the £600,000 spend on building pontoons to serve pleasure craft is attracting criticism.

Master Mariner Captain Douglas Harvey says that the plans have not been properly researched and that the scheme could hit some costly buffers. With more than 30 years spent at sea, Captain Harvey has extensive experience so he was interested when the plans for pontoons at Tay Street, Willowgate and Elcho Castle (pictured on the right) were first unveiled.

But it quickly became apparent to him that many issues relating to navigating the Tay had, in his opinion, not been considered properly. He believes that insurance issues, maritime regulations and a need to survey sections of the river regularly could scupper the plans. "Anything that floats is classified as a vessel meaning that these pontoons would require to have a manned lookout according to the 1972 regulations," said Captain Harvey, 61,of Perth.

He said that they would require to be manned at all times which, working on an eight-hour day, would require at least four people to be employed.

But the council reject the cold water being poured on their plans, claiming that it has been fully researched and would cater for boats from kayaks to river cruisers.

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23 April 2016

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