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Will a Haka Make a Difference?

Glenturret Distillery, Crieff.

Some distillers in Crieff have come up with a new dance to inspire the Scottish rugby team. The idea is to put a Scottish spin on the New Zealanders' Haka a traditional dance form of the Maori of New Zealand, which the All Blacks perform before taking on opponents on the rugby field.

The 'Glenturret Haka' , celebrates the hand mashing that sets the distillery apart from others. It shows stillmen from the distillery replicating the mashing movements and processes that are used to make Scottish whisky the traditional, hand-made, way - which are similar to the Maori Haka.

Glenturret's Stuart Cassells commented:

"We have high hopes for The Glenturret Haka that it will work like the proverbial charm to help Scotland win their next game against New Zealand and if the team wants to practice these new moves on the field, all the better! We've already had several Edinburgh pubs getting into the spirit and sharing their versions of The Glenturret Haka with us."

You can see a video of the Glenturret performing on YouTube.

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23 April 2016

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