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Glasgow To Tighten Belts

Up to 1,500 jobs are to go as part of a £130 million package of Local Government council cuts in Glasgow. Funding from the Scottish Government is again being tightened and as part of a range of measures and councils are unable to raise local taxes.

As part of the cost-cutting package passed by Glasgow city council in its budget for the next financial year, public buildings including schools, museums and offices will be cleaned less often and to a lower standard to save £700,000. (Graphic on the left is the City Chambers (seat of local government in Glasgow) in George Square.

Councillors are expected to approve £48,000 in cuts to graffiti removal work, saying it will no longer be a priority in affected areas, while a total of £1.5 million of garden maintenance cutbacks will mean the city's grass, verges and hedges will be cut less often.

The jobs budget is to be slashed by £25 million, although councillors maintain none of the redundancies would be compulsory.

There will also be a reduction in the amount available for cultural grants, with a proposal to remove financial support from the Theatre Royal, and cut grants for the King's Theatre and Pollok House by 10 per cent.

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23 April 2016

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