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Some Hope of Cashmere Investment After Hawick Knitwear Unravels?

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In January Hawick Knitwear went into administration - the majority of the 179 strong workforce were laid off and the future of the remaining people looked very precarious.

Now talks are underway which might allow the Borders firm to rise from the ashes.

A Hong Kong businessman, with experience in cashmere, is reportedly ready to launch a new cashmere manufacturing operation and is currently scouring premises across Hawick.

Arthur Rennie, Hawick Knitwear's former brand director, appears to have a pivotal role in the new enterprise, and has been tasked with recruiting up to 40 skilled workers to get the firm started.

Mr Rennie met with scores of ex-Hawick Knitwear employees and some of those who have recently been paid off from other mills in the town and the mood is positive. Mr Rennie made the following statement on social media:

"Hello everyone, you may have heard that I have been involved with a company looking to start cashmere knitwear manufacturing in Hawick. Plans are progressing and we are now looking to speak to potential employees. We are wishing to talk to skilled people in almost all areas."

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23 April 2016

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