Lighthouse Beacons from Scotland

Stroma Lighthouse

Photo of Stroma Lighthouse via Wikimedia Commons

Stroma Island is located in the Pentland Firth off the North Coast of Scotland near John O' Groats.

A lighthouse engineered by David A Stevenson was established in 1896, possibly on the site of an even earlier structure. The tower is 23 metres (75 feet) tall and has a nominal range of 26 miles and flashes white every 20 second.

There are a number of buildings nearby to house generators and the lighthouse keepers (prior to automation in 1996). The lighthouse was subjected to a machine-gun attack by a German aircraft in February 1941. It caused little damage and no injuries, and the keepers were soon able to make repairs.

Until 1961 the lighthouse was administered as a shore station, and subsequently (after the resident population of Stroma had left) as a rock station. An electric lamp was installed in 1972. By this time the keepers and their families were the only people living on Stroma. A helicopter pad was installed to enable supplies and personnel to be flown in.

Since automation in 1996 the island has been inhabited by sheep with an occasional human visitor.

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