Lighthouse Beacons from Scotland

Neist Point

Neist Point Lighthouse, designed by David Alan Stevenson, was first lit on 1 November 1909. An aerial cableway is used to take supplies to the lighthouse and cottages and the cableway is still used to take supplies to the cottages which are now available as a self catering facility. Graphic on the right is by Frank Harkness, via Wikimedia)

Mr W Hugh MacDonald from Oban was the building contractor for the lighthouse and dwellings which cost 4,350 at that time. The fog signal, which has since been discontinued, was not completed until1910. Neist Point lighthouse was automated in 1990.

The tower is 19 metres high and has a range of 16 miles. The station is located on the North East corner of the Isle of Skye near Waterstein. The only access is by foot but the 45 minute walk is worth it to see the beautiful facility and the surrounding views. (Graphic on the right is via Wikimedia).

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