Scottish Snippets

31 May 2014

Number 661

The Scottish Snippets Newsletter in its original format began in April 1997 and continued in an unbroken series for 591 issues. Although no longer produced in that style, there is now this regular update on the new and updated pages on the Rampant Scotland site including "Scottie's Photo Diary From Scotland".

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Having washed his face in May dew, Tam's first article catches up on the earlier stories including Tian Tian the Panda and Lady the osprey - plus Edinburgh Trams and Susan Boyle. See A Moderately Merry Month

The Donald Returns

US entrepreneur, Donald Trump has done it again - and bought a gem of a golf course. Unlike the new one he is creating at Menie on the Aberdeenshire coast, this one is already well established at the other end of Scotland, at Turnberry in Ayrshire. See: The Donald Returns

Commonwealth Games - Not ready and Not Steady

We are used to computer systems getting overloaded when tickets for some mega rock star concert overloads the servers and the system collapses. But you would think the douce Commonwealth Games in Glasgow wouldn't generate such a demand - it's not the Olympics after all...See Commonwealth Games - Not ready and Not Steady

Harris Tweed Togs Tees Up for Ryder Cup

Harris Tweed may have been around for a long time but these days the crofters in the Western Isles who produce it have to come up with slick marketing to increase sales - and they have teamed up with the Ryder Cup golf tournament with a smart collection. See Harris Tweed Togs Tees Up for Ryder Cup

Game on for Andy Murray - Hotelier

Andy may not be winning much on the tennis courts these days but his new venture as a hotelier which was hardly open before it won the Luxury Hotel of the Year Award. And when you see what the fabulous hotel looks like (and the food and service are said to match the decor), you'll understand why it won the award. See: Game on for Andy Murray - Hotelier

When a House is Not a Home

Susan Boyle won a TV talent show in 2009 and fame and fortune followed. But it is reported that she has moved back to the modest house she used to live in. See: When a House is Not a Home

Scotch Whisky Gets Legal Protection in Oz

Scotch whisky has recently been registered as a certification trade mark in Australia. Why did it take so long? See: Scotch Whisky Gets Legal Protection in Oz

Heroic Hearts

A film featuring the connection between, Hearts, one of Edinburgh's football teams, and the Royal Scots Battalion that served in the First World War is being planned See: Heroic Hearts

Next Newsletter

The next newsletter is scheduled for 14 June and it is planned to include another "Photo Diary" focusing on Branklyn Garden in Perth and Scone Palace in Perthshire and more pages from "Scottish Radiance".

Yours aye


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