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- Self Catering Apartments: The only way to stay in Edinburgh

Self Catering Apartment

If you're lucky enough to visit Edinburgh, choosing a great place to stay can be a time consuming job. I'll make it easier for you and give you the insider's secrets.

Self catering apartments offer you more space and can be a great bargain. It gives you the freedom to do what you want, whether it be utilise the facilities to eat in or to explore Edinburgh and its many restaurants.

Here a few hints and tips to ensure you get the best property at the best price.

Where to stay?
Depending on your reason for visiting Edinburgh, you will likely want to stay in the centre of town. Everything's on your doorstep ­ ready to be explored. Princes Street (or close by) is the main street in Edinburgh.

The closer to the centre, the more expensive the accommodation. Look a little further out to get the best deal.

Be sure to check on transport links for getting to the property (from the airport or train station) and travelling around the city. See Lothian Buses Route Map and FirstBus Group Greater Glasgow Route Map.

Choosing a Property
There are hundreds of properties to choose from in Edinburgh, so you should be able to find exactly what you want. The vast majority of them are apartments, although there are a few town houses and larger properties. You'll find a wide range of companies covering Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland listed here on Rampant Scotland - Accommodation.

Think of the number of bedrooms you need, most websites will allow you to search with this as a criteria. Remember that a 3-bedroom property might be cheaper than a 2-bedroom! Renting somewhere with a sofa-bed in the living room can be a great saving!

Look at the photos provided, they should offer a clear indication to the type of property your looking at. If a room is described but there's no photo, ask why.

When to Book
Some bookings are made a year in advance, with festival bookings often being 2 or 3 years in advance. Last minute deals are a great way to grab a bargain, perfect for a weekend break to a wonderful city. For busy times (such as the Edinburgh Festival and Hogmanay) you will need to book in advance to secure accommodation ­ Edinburgh get's pretty busy!

Where to Book
Searching and booking online makes everything that little bit easier. Websites either allow you to send enquiries (about availability, etc.) or book instantly online. The latter can be a brilliant time saver.

Check to see how payment is handled. It's important that any details you provide are processed securely and ideally this would all be completed online via a secure connection. Sending your payment details to someone by email or over the phone is not recommended.

Most importantly ­ enjoy your stay!

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Gareth Thomas is part of the team that operates websites offering a wide range of property in Self Catering Edinburgh Apartments and Self Catering Glasgow Apartments which can be booked instantly online. Check out their site or give them a call for any information or advice.

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