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- How to Telephone To and From Scotland

Here's how to telephone to or from Scotland and find UK telephone numbers.

    Telephone Box

  1. To call a telephone number in Scotland from abroad, use your International dialing code plus the country code for UK (44).
  2. All Scottish/UK telephone numbers begin with a "0" but for international calls, drop this leading zero. For example 0141 123 4567 becomes 011 44 141 123 4567.
  3. If you don't know the telephone number, the British Telecom UK telephone directory is on-line at British Telecom Directory Enquiries
  4. To call abroad from Scotland, dial "001" followed by your country code (all printed telephone directories list these or go to the online resource at BT) and the full telephone number.
  5. Within the UK, there is no need to use the four digit Subscriber Trunk Dialling or "STD" code if it is a local call. For example, 0141 123 4567 within the Glasgow area becomes 123 4567.
  6. Public phone boxes in Scotland can accept coin (minimum 10p or 20p). If you are making a long-distance call, use credit cards or phonecards (available from £2.00 to £20.00 from Post Offices and shops displaying the green Phonecard sign).
  7. Hotels usually charge a premium for calls from your room, so it is best to use public call boxes for international calls.
  8. Calls made after 6pm and before 8am (local time) are charged at a lower rate.
  9. You can identify which town a telephone number relates to from this STD code - see the list at the Subscriber Trunk Dialing Codes page.
  10. Emergency services (fire, ambulance, police) throughout the UK are contacted via "999".
  11. For international directory enquiries in the UK dial "153".

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