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In the Olympic Games held in Sydney in September 2000, Scotland's athletes won nine gold and silver medals (and no bronze), a number not equalled since 1912 and the first gold medals since 1988. And the Olympics 2000 certainly proved to be a big improvement over 1996 in Atlanta - when Scottish competitors, participating as always as part of the UK team, won only one bronze.

In the 2004 Olympics in Athens Scots won just two golds and two silvers but improved on that in 2008 in Beijing with 3 golds and three silver medals. All the gold medals in Beijing were won by cyclist Chris Hoy who was knighted in the 2009 New Year Honours "for services to Sport".

With the Olympics being held in London in 2012, special efforts were made to ensure that British athletes did well in the games (including a significant sum allocated from the National Lottery to support many of the athletes). And those efforts certainly paid off. "Team GB" won 65 medals (29 gold 17 silver and 19 bronze thus ranking 3rd in the medals table). But of that total number of medals, Scots, (who account for 8.4% of the UK population) won or contributed to 12 of these.

Here is the complete list of Scottish Olympic medal winners since 1896, in reverse chronological order. In this context, "Scottish" mainly means born in Scotland (though Eric Liddell of "Chariot's of Fire" fame is included, even though he was born in China, of Scottish parents).

The Royal Mail published sets of stamps with the portraits of all UK gold medal winners - Scots gold medal winners in 2012 are shown below - Andy Murray, Sir Chris Hoy and Katherine Grainger .

2012 London
Sir Chris Hoy Gold Cycling, Team Sprint
Sir Chris Hoy Gold Cycling, Keirin
Timothy Baillie Gold Canoeing Slalom, C-2 team
Katherine Grainger Gold Rowing, Double Sculls
Andy Murray Gold Tennis Mens' Singles
Scott Brash Gold Equestrian, Team Jumping
Andy Murray Silver Tennis Mixed doubles
Luke PatienceSilverSailing, Mens 470
David Florence Silver Canoeing Slalom, C-2 team
Michael Jamieson Silver Swimming 200m Breaststroke
Laura BartlettBronzeField Hockey
Emily MaguireBronzeField Hockey

2008 Beijing
Chris Hoy Gold Cycling, Keirin
Chris Hoy Gold Cycling Sprint
Chris Hoy Gold Cycling Team Sprint
Ross Edgar Silver Cycling, Keirin
Katherine Grainger Silver Rowing, Quadruple sculls
David Florence Silver Canoeing Slalom, C-1

2004 Athens
Chris Hoy Gold Cycling 1 km time-trial
Shirley Robertson Gold Sailing Yngling class
Katherine Grainger Silver Rowing Women's pairs
Campbell Walsh Silver Canoeing Slalom, K1 Kayak

2000 Sydney
Andrew Lindsay Gold Rowing men's eight
Shirley Robertson Gold Sailing Europe class
Stephanie Cook Gold Modern pentathlon
Chris Hoy Silver Cycling Olympic sprint team
Craig MacLean Silver Cycling Olympic sprint team
Ian Stark Silver Equestrian 3-day event team
Gillian Lindsay Silver Rowing quadruple sculls
Katherine Grainger Silver Rowing quadruple sculls
Mark Covell Silver Sailing star class

1996 Atlanta
Graeme Smith Bronze 1,500m freestyle swimming

1992 Barcelona
Simon Terry Bronze Archery individual
Simon Terry Bronze Archery team
Susan Fraser Bronze Hockey team
Wendy Fraser Bronze Hockey team
Alison Ramsay Bronze Hockey team

1988 Seoul
Veryan Pappin Gold Hockey team
Michael McIntyre Gold Yachting star class
Liz McColgan Silver 10,000m
Elliot Bunney Silver 4x100m relay
Ian Stark Silver Equestrian 3-day event team
Alister Allan Silver Smallbore free rifle
Yvonne Murray Bronze 3,000m

1984 Los Angeles
Richard Budgett Gold Rowing coxed fours
Ian Stark Silver Equestrian 3-day event team
Veryan Pappin Bronze Hockey team
Alister Allan Bronze Smallbore free rifle
Neil Cochran Bronze 200m medley swimming
Neil Cochran Bronze 200m frestyle relay
Paul Easter Bronze 200m freestyle relay

1980 Moscow
Allan Wells Gold 200m silver
Linsey Macdonald Bronze 400m relay team

1976 Montreal
David Wilkie Gold 200m breastroke swimming
David Wilkie Silver 100m breastsroke swimming
Rodney Pattison Silver Yachting Flying Dutchman
Alan McClatchey Bronze 200m freestyle swimming relay
Gordon Downie Bronze 200m freestyle swimming relay

1972 Munich
Rodney Pattison Gold Yachting Flying Dutchman
David Jenkins Silver 400m relay team
David Wilkie Silver 200m breaststroke swimming
Ian Stewart Bronze 5,000m

1968 Mexico
Rodney Pattison Gold Yachting Flying Dutchman

1964 Tokyo
Bobby McGregor Silver 100m freestyle swimming

1960 Rome
Dick McTaggart Bronze Lightweight boxing

1956 Melbourne
Dick McTaggart Gold Lightweight boxing
John McCormack Bronze Light middleweight boxing

1952 Helsinki
Douglas Stewart Gold Equestrian showjumping team
Stephen Theobald Bronze Hockey team
Helen Gordon Bronze 200m breaststroke swimming

1948 London
Alistair McCorquodale Silver 4x100m relay
David Brodie Silver Hockey team
Robin Lindsay Silver Hockey team
William Lindsay Silver Hockey team
Geirge Sime Silver Hockey team
Neil White Silver Hockey team
Catherine Gibson Bronze 400m freestyle swimming

1936 Munich

No medal winners from Scotland.

1932 Los Angeles

No medal winners from Scotland.

1928 Amsterdam
Ellen King Silver 100m backstroke swimming
Ellen King Silver 100m freestyle relay swimming
Sarah Stewart Silver 100m freestyle relay swimming

1924 Paris
Eric Liddell Gold 400m
Eric Liddell Bronze 200m
James McNabb Gold Coxless fours
James McKenzie Silver Lightweight boxing
Archie Macdonald Bronze 100kg freestyle wrestling

1920 Antwerp
Robert Lindsay Gold 400m relay
John Sewell Gold Tug of war team
William Peacock Gold Water polo
James Wilson Silver Cross country team
Alexander Ireland Silver Welterweight boxing
James Wilson Bronze 10,000m
George McKenzie Bronze Bantamweight bronze

1912 Stockholm
Henry Macintosh Gold 100m
Philup Fleming Gold Rowing eights
Angus Gillan Gold Rowing eights
William Kinnear Gold Single sculls
Robert Murray Gold Small bore shooting
George Cornet Gold Water polo
Isabella Moore Gold 100m freestyle swimming
James Soutter Bronze 400m relay
John Sewell Silver Tug of war team

1908 London
Name Medal Sport
Arthur Robertson Gold Team steeplechase
Wyndam Halswelle Gold 400m
Angus Gillan Gold Coxless fours
George Cornet Gold Water polo
Royal Clyde YC Gold 12 metres class
Arthur Robertson Silver Steeplechase
Alex McCulloch Silver Single sculls
Hugh Roddin Bronze Featherweight boxing
Scottish team Bronze Hockey

1904 Athens
Name Medal Sport
John McGough Silver 1,500m
Wyndam Halswelle Silver 400m
Wyndam Halswelle Bronze 800m

1900 Paris
Name Medal Sport
Walter Rutherford Silver Golf
David Robertson Bronze Golf

1896 Athens
Name Medal Sport
Launceston Elliot Gold Weightlifting, One-Handed
Launceston Elliot Silver Weightlifting, Two-Handed

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