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- Fraoch Leann (Heather Ale)

Heather Ale

This feature on the history (and legends) of "Heather Ale" was contributed by Huntingtower (a name associated with a castle near Perth). You can see his own Web site here.

Heather Ale, believed to have been drunk since around 2000 BC and reputed to be one of the oldest styles of ales in the world, is beginning to enjoy a renewed interest since the re-introduction of the long forgotten style and art of making the brew a few years ago. Made from the flowering tips of wild purple heather, boiled with Scottish malts and wild myrtle leaves in order to extract the flavour and nectar, it has been described as being "Full and of Firm character with a Floral, Peaty Fruity aroma with a dry Wine-like taste."

A History

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