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- Gaelic Versions of PC Software

Windows and Word
You may be surprised to know that there is an array of Gaelic versions of popular software, resources and games available on the Web. These versions are not only useful for Gaelic speakers but also for those learning the language, especially younger folk. Of course, you can change the language option in the Windows Operating System and there is a Gaelic Version of Microsoft Word the word processing software.

Google, Wikipedia, Firefox, Thunderbird, Open Office
The Google Search Engine can also operate in Gaelic and so does Wikipedia - the collaborative, Internet encyclopedia. And of course you can reach these sites and all the others via a Gaelic version of the Firefox Browser. And so that you can write your e-mails on G-Mail with correct Gaelic spelling, there is a Gaelic Spell Checker Add-on for Firefox.

The page covering the Gaelic Spell Checker not only provides assistance for MS-Word, Firefox, Thunderbird and Open Office there are links to Gaelic-language spellchecking on Mac OS X.

Many of us use the Thunderbird Email software and it, too, has a Gaelic version. Likewise, the open-source office software suite Open Office also comes in the "language of angels!" So does LibreOffice another free and open source office suite.

Computer Terms in Gaelic
Gaelic has been kept up to date with words in this ancient language covering modern computer terms - there is a lengthy page of Computer terms in Gaelic including World Wide Web (Ĺon na Cruinne), Internet (Eadarĺon), virtual reality (faileas-f́rinn) and cookie (criomag).

Skype, WordPress, Joomla
If you prefer talking on Skype in Gaelic why not use Skype in Gaelic too?

If you want to create a Gealic Web site yourself, then there is a Gaelic version of WordPress the free and open source tool for Web site creation as well as Translation packs for Joomla, another free and open source tool for Web site creation.

Games in Gaelic
All work and no play can make Seumas a dull boy so there are sites with games played using the Gaelic language including Scrabble, Freeciv (a free and open source empire-building strategy game) and there's a collection of more Games in Gaelic too.

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