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- Longest Rivers

River Clyde

The longest river in Scotland is the Tay (120 miles long) followed by the Spey ("only" 110 miles of water supplying all those whisky stills!).

Some people dispute Loch Tay's position as it is only called Tay after it emerges from Loch Tay and that the 25 miles of tidal waters of the Firth (estuary) of the Tay should be excluded, leaving the Spey as the longest river at 110 miles.

On the other hand, the Tay is the largest river in the UK (exceeding the Thames and the Severn combined) by volume of discharge due to its catchment area of approximately 2000 square miles.

The River Clyde (pictured above) which flows through Glasgow is 106 miles from its source until it goes "Doon the watter" in the Firth of Clyde.

After these, the longest rivers are the Tweed (97 miles), Dee (85 miles), Don (82 miles) and the Forth (65 miles).

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