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- Princes Street, Edinburgh

Princes Street, Edinburgh

The "New Town" of Edinburgh was built in the latter half of the 18th century during the reign of the Hanoverian King George III.

As a result, many of the new streets had a connection with the monarch as the establishment tried to deal with the aftermath of the Jacobite Uprising of 1745.

Thus there is a George Street, Hanover Street, Frederick Street, Charlotte Square and Queen Street (named after his wife, Queen Charlotte).

Princes Street was named after King George's sons (also titled the Duke of Rothesay and the Duke of York) but only after the King had objected to its original name - St Giles Street, after the patron saint of the city.

Princes Street was made 20 feet narrower than George Street (which was originally intended to be the main thoroughfare).

Princes Street has now become the main shopping centre in Edinburgh, despite the fact that there are buildings only along one side of the street - Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle are on the southern side. Glaswegians believe the street is consequently only half finished....

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