Did You Know?
- First Trans-Atlantic Flights

At the end of the First World War the Beardmore Engineering Company in Glasgow had been developing rigid, dirigible airships for the Royal Navy.

Their R34 had just been completed and it was decided to fly the airship to America, to encourage the development of commercial use.

On 2nd July 1919 the airship left East Fortune Airfield in East Lothian and battled against strong headwinds to arrive at Mineola Airfield, Long Island on 6 July.

This was the first east-west crossing of the Atlantic by air and it was also a world's endurance record at that time of 108 hours.

Later, Scots flyer Jim Mollinson completed the first East to West solo flight of the Atlantic on 19 August 1932.

The illustration on the right is of a memorial to the R34 in the Clyde View Park, Renfrew.

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