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- Argyle Street, Glasgow

St Enoch Square

In Glasgow's early days, the road running east from Glasgow Cross was named St Enoch's Gate and led to a chapel dedicated to St Enoch, the mother of St Mungo, the patron saint of the city.

The chapel was demolished during the reformation but stood where St Enoch Square is now located.

The underground station which now stands in the centre of the St Enoch Square (pictured above), with its red stonework and turrets, could pass for a chapel - or a miniature castle!

In the 12th century the road was renamed Dumbarton Road as it led to Dumbarton Castle, further down the River Clyde.

In 1662, despite efforts to turn the road into a proper thoroughfare it was described as being "full of potholes". Some things never change...

Then in 1760 it was finally renamed Argyle Street in honour of the 3rd Duke of Argyll. Which neatly illustrates the two spellings of Argyle/Argyll.

Argyle Street is now one of Glasgow's main thoroughfares.

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