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- St Valentine's Day 1565

Mary Queen of Scots

Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley, who had already set about wooing his cousin, Mary Queen of Scots, met her for the first time on St Valentine's Day, 14 February, 1565.

Darnley had sent a miniature portrait of himself to Mary eighteen months before-hand, in order to arouse her interest.

He clearly succeeded because after the meeting on St Valentine's Day, the couple were married five months later, on 29 July 1565.

Mary Queen of Scots and Lord Darnley had one child - who became King James VI of Scotland and, in 1603 after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, king of England and Wales also.

Lord Darnley was murdered on 10 February 1567. Mary's subsequent husband, the Earl of Bothwell, was probably involved in the plot to kill Darnley.

And the miniature portrait? Mary kept it with her till she was executed by Queen Elizabeth of England, on 8 February, 1587, neraly 22 years after that first meeting with Lord Darnley on St Valentine's Day.

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