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Clyde Arc

The "Clyde Arc" runs diagonally across the river Clyde at Finnieston on the north bank to Pacific Quay on the south bank. The Clyde Arc was opened in Septembe 2006 and was the first vehicle crossing to be built over the river Clyde since the Kingston Bridge more than 30 years before. The graceful bridge only has a bus/taxi lane and one lane for private vehicles in each direction. Its construction was one of the requirements stipulated by BBC Scotland before they would agree to setting up their new HQ at Pacific Quay. Indeed, the original traffic controls and accesses to the bridge were restricted to allow a clear route to and from the BBC. Behind the bridge can be seen the Finnieston Crane and the Clyde Auditorium at the Scottish Exhibition and Concert Centre. Like the Clyde Arc (known locally as the "Squinty Bridge" as it crosses the river at an angle), the Clyde Auditorium has a better known nickname - the Armadillo. The bridge was temporarily closed between 14 January and 28 June 2008 due to a failure of one support hanger, and cracks found in a second. While the bridge was closed, all the support hangers were replaced.

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