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These pages complement Gaelic Phrases for Every Day. On this and other Sound Clip pages you will find audio clips of common Gaelic phrases along with the written Gaelic and English words. You will need software such as a RealAudio or Quicktime, or equivalent, available in your browser to play the MP3 audio sound clips.

Click the start button when you are ready for the spoken words. The Gaelic speaker will speak each word or phrase twice.

Tha dorus dearg air an taigh agam There's a red door on my house
Bha taigh mo sheanair geal My grandfather's house was white.
C'āite bheil thur fuireach? Where do you live?
Tha mi fuireach ann a Mābu Iam living in Mabou
Co ās a tha thu? Where are you from?

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