Enabling Services for Disabled

Here are a number of Web sites which will provide help and advice for disabled people in Scotland to allow them to live independent lives.

Enable Scotland
Scotland's largest disability organisation, providing a broad range of services to adults and children with disabilities. Advice and information on services available for adults and children. See also ENABLE Scotland Celebrates its 60th Anniversary

Access Travel
Help in organising holidays abroad for disabled people.

This site has been set up to increase the public awareness of Arachnoiditis (back pain), using all the resources available and to act as an information highway for anybody with a back complaint. The site offers an advisory service for possible sufferers and Health and Safety advice for non-sufferers, with the aim of avoiding the condition.

Barrington Stoke
Barrington Stoke is an independent publisher dedicated to creating books that are commissioned, edited and designed to minimise some of the obstacles that can stop struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers really getting hooked by a book. Their books don’t patronise and since they’re by the best authors in the business there’s no stigma attached to being seen reading them. The books are more accessible due to a combination of Shshort word lengths so readers can enjoy the achievement of finishing a book and lots of chapter breaks so readers can take a rest. A special edit processes, with trialling by children of the correct reading age is used and books are printed on cream paper which minimises glare with a special dyslexia-friendly font plus lots of illustration in lower reading-age titles to help with understanding.

British Sign Language Interpreter
Maureen Glover is a British Sign Language Interpreter based in Glasgow who is experienced in such areas as interpreting for education purposes, interviews, team meetings, conferences, hospital and doctors appointments, deaf awareness training, criminal cases etc. She is experienced in all the widely used methods of Sign Language including BSL (British Sign Language), SSE (Sign Supported English), Deaf Manual (Finger spelling), Hands On Signing (For visually impaired deaf people), Deafblind Manual (For communication with deafblind people).

Cobweb Foundation
Based in Dunfermline, Fife, this is a recognised charity that provides holidays to disabled, sick and disadvantaged children. The main objective is to raise funds to build a new Dream Catcher Village in Fife with 25 cottages, a remedial and respite care centre, education and training facilities and of course a wide range of recreation and sports facilities.

Disabled Driver's Association
A self help organization run for disabled people by disabled people, and concerns itself with the needs of disabled people primarily by encouraging greater independence through enhanced mobility.

Falkland House School
Established 30 years ago Falkland House School specialises in the education of male students that require additional support with their learning. They are the first independent school in Scotland to be awarded Autism Accreditation by the National Autistic Society and they provide an integrated education to boys with ASD as well as those with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties, Tourette’s Syndrome and ADHD.

Good Access Guide
A directory of services for disabled people, seniors, and anyone whose life is made easier by better access to goods, services and amenities. Includes accessible accommodation, visitor attractions, places to eat, access and mobility aids, holidays abroad.

Independent Living
This site is aimed at disabled and elderly people, carers and healthcare professionals, providing details on a wide range of different products to help with various conditions. You can also find out about benefits, training courses, legislation, health news stories, new product launches and exhibitions plus nutrition, alternative health and many other topics.

Life Coach Directory helps you to find a life coach near you. It only lists life coaches who are registered with a recognised professional body or those who have provided copies of their qualifications and insurance cover. The purpose of the site is ultimately to provide a huge life coach support network, enabling individuals to find a life coach close to them and appropriate for their needs. There is a helpful FAQ on life coaches on the site and news on upcoming life coaching events for the public.

A national UK charity, which helps disabled people and their families to become more mobile. It was set up to provide vehicles and powered wheelchairs to disabled people. The site has links to sites which have a motoring or disability theme as well as sites which offer assistance in every day motoring needs.

Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation
This is a national organisation of and for disabled people. Its key areas of activity are supporting over 500 local and national disability organisations, campaigning for improvements in disabled people’s lives and providing information to support independence and equality for disabled people. Their Web site opens up communication within their network of 500 local and national member organisations. There is regularly updated news, information on important disability issues and links to other useful sites.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
SCVO is the umbrella body for voluntary organisations in Scotland, with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness. It has a good selection of links to organisations which provide help and assistance for everyone, disabled or not.

Scottish Disability Equality Forum
The Scottish Disability Equality Forum (SDEF) exists to promote greater social equality by working to remove the disabling barriers to equal access for people affected by disabilities in Scotland. The organisation is user-led and is guided by the concerns of its members who are encouraged to participate fully, to exchange views, to provide input to consultation exercises and to attend meetings. SDEF is the umbrella body for Access Panels to support local groups in their work for social equality.

Self Help UK
This site provides a searchable database of over 1,000 self help organisations and support groups across the UK that provide support, guidance and advice to patients, carers and their relatives. There is also access to discussion forums hosted by the HealthIndex UK web site.

Shopmobility Locations
Shopmobility hire electric buggies in towns and shopping precincts for the use of people who have difficulty in walking. The organisation does not currently have a Web site or e-mail address and the only way of arranging for the hire of a buggy is by phoning them or calling at their centres. But here is a list of the present locations where you can hire an electric buggy from Shopmobility.

Sightsavers is an international charity which works with partners to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people in the developing world.
There are many organisations and private individuals who raise funds for Sightsavers, including Bill McLean who lives in the Trossachs in Scotland and takes a wide range of photographs and can create high resolution versions for printing and/or turns them into DVD slideshows and uploads them to YouTube. All money raised goes direct to Sightsavers.

UCanDoIT UCanDoIT teaches blind, deaf and disabled people how to use computers, with a particular focus on Internet and email skills. They teach learners in their own homes, on their own computers, as they believe that this is the best way to learn. All sessions are done on a one to one basis

UPDATE is Scotland's National Disability Information Service. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for disabled people in Scotland by enabling information providers to offer accurate, up-to-date and relevant disability-related information. Their Web site contains links and information on a number of organisations which assist the disabled.

Wheelchair Travel
This company provides a service aimed at the disabled solo traveller, or small group, who want to plan their itinerary and "do their own thing".

This is a one-stop Internet site for disabled people, their carers, family and friends. They aim to provide information, products and services that will enable disabled people to live independent lives. Where products and services aren't available, they work with charities, retailers and manufacturers to create and tailor their offering and they are committed to building a community where all users can freely exchange information and ideas.

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