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Land Lines- The Photographer

Paul Basu was commissioned to contribute specially selected and original landscape photographs for Land Lines. Paul is much more than a photographer by profession and is eminently suited to be involved in the Land Lines project due to his academic background in Scottish social history, genealogy and literary topography - the interaction between landscape and writers. Based at the Highland Folk Museum, Paul is currently involved in "Highland Homecomings" which is his doctoral research project set up to explore cultural connections between people of Scottish descent throughout the world, with their Mother country.

This social history and "fieldwork" for this major project, focuses on journeys made by individuals and groups, whose families originally came from Scotland, visiting from the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to tour the Scottish Highlands in order to pursue their family history and seek out their ancestral roots.

An exhibition entitled Home and Away is currently touring the Highlands and Islands and based on the Homecomings project. It illustrates the emigration from the Highlands and Islands as well as the Homecoming journeys made by people of Scottish descent, who are dispersed throughout the world.

When Paul Basu takes a landscape photograph, he doesn't just point his camera and shoots. He has an informed eye, understands the history, identity and culture of a place, and appreciates the emotional memory surrounding each ancient rock, river, valley or forest wherever he travels.

On a literary note, Paul has been recently involved in exploring the novels of Neil Gunn, and in particular, Highland River - tracing the river in reality, matched against the backdrop of the fictional narrative.

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