Famous Scots
- King Robert II (1316-1390)

Illustrious Forebears
Crest of King Robert II Born March 2, 1316, he was a grandson of Robert the Bruce - his mother being the king's daughter, Marjorie; his father was Walter the 6th High Steward of Scotland and, having taken this for a surname, Robert was the first of the line of Stewart or Stuart kings, who much later (in 1603) became also kings of England.

King in Waiting for 53 Years
King Robert II When only two years old, Parliament chose him as Bruce's successor, but the birth of a son to Bruce in 1324 changed the position. This son, David II, became king in 1329, and from then until 1371 Robert was one of the chief men of his kingdom. Several times he was made regent (when David was in France and when he was imprisoned by the English from 1346-57).

Robert fought at the Battle of Halidon in 1333 and was a leader at the battle of Neville's Cross when David was captured. He married Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan. They had a number of children (including King Robert III ) but their legitamacy was questioned by some because Robert and Elizabeth were too close blood relations. A Papal dispensation on this was obtained in 1347, but this did not convince everyone. Robert fathered 21 children in total, including four children from a second marriage to Euphemia Ross.

Later Robert rebelled against David and was imprisoned. The dissension was healed, and when David died childless in 1371, Robert, then 55, succeeded him. He reigned for 19 years, most of which were troubled by wars in which he could take little part. Most of the time, he allowed his eldest son, the Earl of Carrick, later Robert III, to act in his stead. When Robert III became infirm due to a riding accident in 1388, the Earl of Fife took over the reins of power.

King Robert II died April 13, 1390, in Dundonald Castle and was succeeded by his son, Robert III.

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