Famous Scots
- Margot Asquith (1864-1945)

Emma Alice Margaret Tennant (but known as Margot) was born in Peebleshire, the 11th child of industrialist Sir Charles Tennant (grandson of chemist Charles Tennant who founded the family fortunes). She created a stir when she was presented at court in 1881 (as all well to-do young girls of those days aspired to). She was vivacious and had a sparkling wit and mixed with the famous politicians of the day (Lord Rosebery, Balfour and Gladstone) as well as literary figures such as Virginia Wolf.

She married Herbert Asquith (keeping him waiting three years before saying yes) who was later to be Prime Minister. She had seven children (and inherited five from Asquith's previous marriage).

She was witty, a natural show-off and was never "backward in coming forward." When her name was mispronounced by Jean Harlow, Margot loudly proclaimed "The 't' is silent as in 'Harlow'" Ouch! She published a number of indiscreet autobiographies. She disliked Lord Kitchener, the commander of the British army in the first World War, describing him as "He was not a great man, but at least he was a great poster!"

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