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"Colour Supplement"

29 April 2006

Each week the Scottish Snippets Newsletter includes a number of photographs which illustrate the weather, flora and fauna of the current week around Scotland. There are so many such graphics worth including that a separate "colour supplement" is created so as not to totally overload the Newsletter. Here is this week's crop!

Bellisle Golf Course

Blue skies and sunshine have been in short supply in recent weeks, so when they appear, they are appreciated even more. This photo of the Bellisle golf course in Ayr shows that many of the trees are still without any foliage.

Roe Deer

Bellisle Park in Ayr has a small herd of Roe Deer. This doe was enjoying the late afternoon sunshine, as she rested with the rest of the herd.


With overnight frosts no longer being a problem, Magnolia blossoms are no longer being turned brown. These ones were growing on a tall tree and were catching the sun, late in the afternoon.

Dean Castle

Another photo with blue skies - this time of Dean Castle, a well preserved 14th century keep with a 15th century palace block in Kilmarnock. Robert the Bruce gave Dean Castle to the Boyd family and the 4th Earl Boyd was a Colonel in the guard of Bonnie Prince Charlie - he was executed after the Battle of Culloden.


Dean Castle Country Park is a popular attraction in Kilmarnock, with woodland walks and paths beside the Fenwick and Craufurdland Waters. There were a large number of Ladybirds to be seen, both on the conifers and on the grassland. Despite being a beetle, which most people dislike, Ladybirds have had good public relations and are regarded as attractive. This is one of the "Seven Spotted" variety, one of the commonest in Scotland.

Cherry Blossom

Despite the lower than usual temperatures, the spring blossom is gradually appearing. This Prunus (it could a be cherry or apple) has been giving pleasure in Bellisle Park for many years.

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