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"Colour Supplement"

10 December 2005

Each week the Scottish Snippets Newsletter includes a number of photographs which illustrate the weather, flora and fauna of the current week around Scotland. There are so many such graphics worth including that a separate "colour supplement" is created so as not to totally overload the Newsletter. Here is this week's crop!

Sunset at Castle Semple Loch

Tuesday of this week was a bright sunny and cold day in many parts of the country. This photograph of Castle Semple Loch in Renfrewshire was taken just after the sun had set (around 3.45pm) in a cloudless sky.


The low winter sun adds an extra glow to these Cotoneaster berries near Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire. It was surprising that the local birds had not eaten them all up by now!

Grey Squirrel

No wonder the grey squirrel has been so successful.... Last week's edition showed one of our local squirrels reaching down a long wire to get to a peanut block which had been put out for the birds. This week, the squirrel is up to its tricks again - this time managing to clamber down from a branch onto a seed feeder which, again, was intended for the birds. But the resourceful squirrel, having reached the feeder, then tippped it over at an angle so that the seeds fell out - straight into its mouth! So far, its 2-0 for the squirrel..


This male Goosander in Hogganfield Loch Nature Reserve is probably a young one, judging by its plumage. It has not yet developed the sleek black and white of the adult.

Princes Street Gardens in December

The Christmas festivities in Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh are in full swing, with the skating rink (note the St Andrew's cross embalzoned across the ice), Ferris wheel beside the Scott Monument and the stalls of the German Market.

Ferris Wheel

Here is a close-up of the Ferris Wheel, with the Scott Monument just showing up in the background. This year, for the first time, the Ferris Wheel will continue to operate on Hogmanay. New Year revellers will get a unique view of the celebrations in Princes Street below.

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