"Scottish Snippets"

"Colour Supplement"

5 November 2005

Each week the Scottish Snippets Newsletter includes a number of photographs which illustrate the flora and fauna of the current week around Scotland. On occasions, there are so many such graphics worth including that a separate "colour supplement" is created so as not to totally overload the Newsletter. Here is this week's crop!

November Mist

This picture is certainly evocative of November, with the swan sailing serenely away from the pall of mist hanging above the water of Lochend Loch in North Lanarkshire.

Little Egret

This little egret ("Egbert" to his friends) is now a major feature at the RSPB Nature Reserve at Vane Farm, on the shores of Loch Leven. Egbert returned to the reserve in early September and is now well established. When this photograph was taken on Tuesday of this week, he was much nearer the photographic hide and so a clearer picture was possible.


Although this houttuynia has leaves which are typical of autumn colours, it actually has these tints all summer as well. In Scotland, gardeners often refer to this plant as "Hootenanay" instead of its proper name.

White Duck

This white duck was trying to get a snooze - but was nevertheless keeping a watchful eye on the camera. It is probably a mallard, though it does not have the usual markings of that type of bird. But mallards have been domesticated for centuries and can come in all sorts of plumage, ranging from pure black, through brown to white.

Seascape at Dunbarnie Links, Fife

This seascape picture was taken at Dunbarnie Links on the Fife coast on Monday of this week. The area is a wildlife reserve and although there are no birds evident in this picture, there were plenty to be seen on other stretches of this North Sea coast.

Greylag Goose

Some greylag geese stay in Scotland all year round but at this time of year thousands of their cousins fly in from Iceland and Greenland to over-winter here.

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