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- Smith/McGowan

While not always thought of as a "Scottish" name, it is nevertheless the most common surname in Scotland (and in England as well as in the USA). As an occupational name for anyone working with metal - whether it was horse's shoes, farm implements or armour, it occurred throughout Scotland. In addition, the Gaelic equivalent of "Smith" translated into "MacGowan" and in the reign of David II there was a clan MacGowan on the river Nith in the Scottish Borders. The name Smith appears in records as early as 1199 when Robert the Smith witnessed a charter and William the Smith was a juror in an inquest in 1274. The most famous Smith in history was Adam Smith who changed economics forever with his "Wealth of Nations".

"Smith" is regarded as a sept (sub-branch) of both clans Macpherson (through the MacGowan connection) and Mackintosh.

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