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Smailhom Tower

The property belonged to the Pringle family from 1408 who were squires to the powerful Black Douglases at that time. The Douglases were crushed by King James II in 1455, which did not help the family fortunes. Later, David Pringle of Smailholm and his four sons were all killed at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

Being a Border stronghold, Smailholm was often attacked and damaged by the English invaders as they marched north. Smailholm was sold to the Scotts of Harden in 1645 but that family moved to Sandyknowe in 1700 and the tower became derelict.

Sir Walter Scott came here as a youngster (his grandfather held nearby Sandyknowe farmhouse) and the stories of Smailholm (and many other Border locations) became the inspiration for many of his stories and ballads.

Set on a rocky ridge in moorland, the tower house has four storeys and there is a parapet on two of the sides which gives great views over the surrounding countryside.

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