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MacLellan' Castle

Built by Sir Thomas MacLellan of Bombie, Castle MacLellan is not a castle in the traditional sense but stands in the centre of the town of Kircudbright (pronounced Kirkoobray) opposite a row of local shops, in what is now known as the county of Dumfries and Galloway.

The castle was built on the site of the convent of Greyfriars which had been established by King James II in 1449. Within nine years of the Reformation Act of 1560, Sir Thomas, the local Provost, acquired the site and the convent and used the buildings as a quarry for his new house. It was not built as a fortified castle but it was a house on a grand scale to impress the townspeople of its owners importance and prestige. In 1587 Sir Thomas entertained King James VI in Kircudbright and the king gave him a silver gun which is still in the local museum.

Close by the castle is Greyfriar's Church. Little remains of the original medieval church after the Reformation but inside the modernised building is a monument to Sir Thomas and his wife.

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