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Hailes Castle

Perched above the river Tyne, Hailes Castle was given to the Hepburn family in the reign of King David II (1329-1371). Attacked by the Earl of March and Harry "Hotspur" Percy in 1400, the English besiegers were put to flight by the Master of Douglas.

In 1482, Patrick Hepburn was created Lord Hailes and his son became Earl of Bothwell. In 1567, the 4th Earl of Bothwell abducted Mary Queen of Scots and shortly afterwards he married her. Mary stayed briefly at Hailes before being imprisoned at Loch Leven Castle.

Cromwell partially dismantled the castle in 1650. Hailes Castle passed to Hercules Stewart and later to the Setons. Around 1700, David Dalrymple bought the castle and became Lord Hailes. In the 19th century, the castle was put to use as a granary. It passed to the care of Historic Scotland in 1926.

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