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Drummond Castle

King James IV gave the first Lord Drummond permission to build a stronghold on a rocky outcrop on the edge of Strathearn in 1490. The Drummonds were already a major family in Scotland and that status was to grow over the coming centuries. As was usually the case, the original tower keep was modified and enlarged but the lower floors are those built by the first Lord Drummond.

In 1605, King James VI (now king of England as well as Scotland), promoted the 4th Lord Drummond to be the first Earl of Perth. It was the first Earl who is credited with transforming the gardens and castle in the 1630s. The architect, John Mylne III was King Charles I's master mason (and he was also responsible for the magnificent obelisk sundial seen in the picture above).

Cromwell destroyed the keep during the Civil War but, towards the end of the 17th century, the 4th Earl of Perth built a mansion house which created an inner courtyard (see the building on the right of the picture above). He also enhanced the gardens and the extensive Drummond estates.

Visitors are not allowed in Drummond Castle itself - but the magnificent gardens keep everybody well satisfied.

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