Rampant Scotland Pictorial Calendar 2012

This is the page for accessing the December pictures for the Rampant Scotland Scottish Pictorial Calendar, which you can print out on your own colour printer. Select the image of your choice from the thumbnail links below.

Please Note:

~ Remove headers and footers on your browser print set up before printing the calendar (via File/Page Set Up).

~ If the calendar does not print on one page, you may need to adjust the top/bottom margins (via File/Page Set Up).

~ If your printer has different quality settings, set it to the highest level. While glossy paper produces better results, it is not essential.

~ If you use IE Explorer, and want the grey background on the days of the week, you will need to set the "Print page background" option on your browser (Tools/Internet Options/Advanced). In Firefox, this option is set via File/Page Set Up/Print Background.

~ If you can't decide which graphic to use, feel free to print more than one - all of them if you really want to ring the changes frequently!

~ You will need to page back to return to this index or the overall index.

~ Remember that if you want to print a cover page for your Scottish Pictorial Calendar, these are available at Cover 1 and Cover 2.

~ Please tell all your friends about this free Scottish calendar - the URL for the calendar index page is www.RampantScotland.com/cal2012/calindex.htm.

~ You may also use these graphics for your own personal, non-commercial, use. They make great pictures for your desktop!

Christmas Tree and Lights,
George Square, Glasgow
Suburban Glasgow
Whisky Shop,
Christmas, Glasgow
Snow, New Kilpatrick
Church, East Dunbartonshire

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