Great Places to Eat in Scotland
- Coach House Coffee Shop, Luss

The Location
Luss is a small village on the western shores of Loch Lomond. These days, the main road by-passes the hamlet and many tourists still speed past the signposts on the A82 road. But those who turn off to Luss find a series of charming cottages, fantastic views of the loch and Ben Lomond from the pier plus a Colquhoun clan museum (this is the heart of Colquhoun territory as the churchyard soon makes evident). The attractive village was spotted many years ago by Scottish Television and was used as the location for a popular, long-running TV "soap" called "High Road."

If you are coming from the south, ignore the first sign for Luss unless you want a long, winding road - the second turn-off, a mile further on, is only yards from the village car park.

The Coffee Shop
Coach House Coffee Shop
The first time my wife and I called at the Coffee Shop at Luss it was a cold day at the end of October. So we were delighted to find a roaring log fire at the far end of the building. Of course, other visitors were already esconced in the armchairs grouped round the warm blaze - though balancing a coffee cup on one knee while eating was never something I have mastered. So we were quite happy to be seated at the large wooden benches. Luss is a frequent stopping place for tour buses and the Coffee Shop is geared to catering for these.

The jovial owner of the Coffee Shop, dressed in his kilt and white shirt may well show you to your seat and take your order. He and his wife created the restaurant which, as far as I can find, is the only place with catering facilities in the village of Luss.

The Food
TeapotIt may be called the Coffee Shop but of course in Scotland many people are looking for a pot of tea - and what a pot you get here. Not a tiny silver-plated effort offering less than two cups, but a substantial pottery one. Coffee is given the "local" treatment at least as far as the menu is concerned - "Lomond Latte" and "Clyde Cappuccino" for example. And even the glasses of Coke are a generous size!

The bowls of home-made, thick soup are equally large, served with crusty bread. There are main courses of haggis, neeps and tatties (traditional mashed turnip and creamed potatoes) and quiche. But leave space for the home-made cakes and pies - carrot cake is well to the fore, plus whisky fruit cake, apple pie and "Munro" muffins. Many people pop in just for traditional afternoon tea and cake.

And the small gift shop attached to the eating area allows you to buy any of those cakes and pies to take away and eat later.

Build up an appetite with a long walk around the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond and Luss Glen so that you can enjoy a visit to the local Coffee Shop!


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