Royal Bank of Scotland Scottish Parliament Commemorative Bank Note

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Scottish Parliament Commemorative Bank Note

Scottish Parliament Commemorative Bank Note (Front)

All the Royal Bank notes incorporate a portrait of Lord Ilay, the first Governor of the bank together with the bank's logo and coat of arms. The semi-circle of "stars" is a representation of the magnificent ceiling in the bank's head office in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. The special elements denoting the commemorative theme include (in the bottom left hand corner) a St Andrew's flag set below a silhouette of the Church of Scotland Assembly Hall, the temporary home of the Parliament. The serial numbers of the notes are all in the "SP" range (for "Scottish Parliament") and the text with these words is in a font used by the architect in his drawings for the new building. The date of issue of the note is 12 May, 1999, the day the new Parliament sat for the first time.

Scottish Parliament Commemorative Bank Note (Reverse)

The reverse of the commemorative note shows a vignette of the exterior of the temporary Parliament Buildng and an abstract image based on the floorplan of the new building planned for Holyroodhouse. Some of the text on the note is in the style used by the architect of the new building, Enric Miralles.

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