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British Linen Bank
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Both the British Linen Bank and the Union Bank of Scotland form part of the current Bank of Scotland. British Linen is traded as a merchant bank as a subsidiary of Bank of Scotland from 1977 to 1999 (but did not issue bank notes).

British Linen Front £1British Linen Back £1

British Linen Bank One Pound Note - Issued in 1953

The British Linen Bank was founded in 1746, the same year as the Battle of Culloden. Originally it traded as the British Linen Company but despite the "British" in the name(due to being founded in the year of the Battle of Culloden) , it was very much a Scottish Bank. However, in 1919 it was taken over by Barclays Bank a large English organisation. Then in 1969 it was acquired by Bank of Scotland - with Barclays Bank acquiring a 35% stake in Bank of Scotland as a result (subsequently sold in the early 1980's).

Union Bank of Scotland FrontUnion Bank of Scotland Back

Union Bank of Scotland One Pound Note - Issued in 1951

The Union Bank of Scotland was founded in Scotland in 1830 and traded independently until 1952 when it merged with the Bank of Scotland.

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