Scottish Snippets

16 July 2016

Number 707

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The Scottish Snippets Newsletter in its original format began in April 1997 and continued in an unbroken series for 591 issues. Although no longer produced in that style, there is now this regular update on the new and updated pages on the Rampant Scotland site including "Scottie's Photo Diary From Scotland" and Tam's Tall Tales.

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News and Views

This is the third edition of "News and Views by the new writer on Rampant Scotland - David. He is continuing to write about a wide variety of news items relating to Scotland that he finds of particular interest, especially developments in arts, crafts and high quality products and services delivered by people with drive and passion. He is not averse to a certain amount of "quirkiness" though, so although he may deal with more serious subjects, his wry humour is bound to come to the surface too.. This edition includes items on:

  • Scotland Edges Towards Space Tourism Blast-off - If successful the plan will be for the space tourism operation to be launched at Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire.
  • Kites To Fly High Over Electric Scotland? - Kite Power Solutions plans to move its operations to Scotland, near Stranraer and build a larger model demonstrating generating electricity from kites connected to ground equipment which it hopes to sell commercially.
  • The Queen Drops into Historic Edinburgh Pub - the "Sheep's Heid" is Scotland's oldest bar.
  • Winds Blow Bridge's Opening Date Back Six Months - The new bridge across the river Forth is reported to be six months behind schedule due to adverse weather conditions.
  • Whisky Galore! Remake Uncorked - the film of the classic comedy about the Western Isles and the "rescue" of a cargo of whisky from a shipwreck has been remade in technicolour.
  • Futuristic Underground Trains for Glasgow - a £200m contract has been signed for futuristic new trains, signalling and equipment to modernise the Glasgow underground train system.

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You will find that all the new stories are marked as such in the index which is in chronological order.

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