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11 April 2015

Number 680

The Scottish Snippets Newsletter in its original format began in April 1997 and continued in an unbroken series for 591 issues. Although no longer produced in that style, there is now this regular update on the new and updated pages on the Rampant Scotland site including "Scottie's Photo Diary From Scotland".

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Memory Lane
Another collection of memories of days gone by from readers. It's not surprising that Wartime produces stories that are so unforgettable.


There are five additional memories: See: Wartime Memories for

1 Three Ships Came Sailing By
Ella had the opportunity to visit a US Navy Aircraft Carrier when it paid a goodwill visit to Scotland and moored beside the famous bridge over the river Forth. But although she was impressed by the "flat-top" and the friendly sailors, it was the huge barrel of sugar that she remembers most about the visit. After all, sugar had been rationed for 8 years - and would not be freely available for another six years.

2 Tommy Gun Dad
Roderick's dad was in the Home Guard and had a Tommy Gun in a cupboard at home - and as a machine gun sergeant in the First World War, he knew how to use it!

3 Greenock Air Raids
The shipyards at Greenock and the ships moored on the river Clyde were a prime target for German night bombers which caused considerable damage and casualties. Ed and his mother were evacuated to the village of New Lanark for two years and attended the two-room schoolhouse created in the 18th century by a visionary mill owner.

4 Aberdeen Blackout
Frank was grabbed by the "long arm of the law" when the paraffin lamp used as a rear light on his bicycle exploded and broke the blackout regulations big-time!

5 Passing By Numbers
Many young lads got into the forces by lying about their age. But Frank managed to get in by cleverly covering up the fact that he was deaf in one ear!


There are two additional memories: See: Holiday Memories for:

1 Orkney Bus Saga
It's a long, long, long, journey from Castlemilk, south Glasgow to Orkney - by bus! Graphic on the right is of South Ronaldsay © Lis Burke via Wikimedia Commons.

2 Fife Was another Country
Crossing the Forth railway bridge to Limekilns and Cairneyhill in Fife was like going to another country.


There are two additional memories: See: Food Memories for:

1 Haggis
Ella knew how haggis was made - and that put her off eating it. But she accidentally ate some as part of a herty Scottish breakfast - and enjoyed it!

These were rarely seen in the UK during the war and Irene created a sensation when she showed her friends one her dad had brought from abroad.

Lots of Different Games and Things to Do - including playing football near to a lawn bowling green (not a good combination!). See: Memories of Games and Toys

No Shortage of Entertainment... - ranging from Panto to "Appointment with Fear" and Radio Luxembourg. See: Entertainment Memories

"The Steamie" - communal washing facilities where the women could have a good gossip as well as clean clothes. See: Washing Day Memories

2-Roomed Village School in the village of Almondbank where Margaret tipped over an inkwell on her first day! See: Memories of School Days

Exhausting Journeys - from Canada to Scotland and back in 1977. Grphic here is of Robrt Burns birthplace in Alloway, Ayrshire. See: Memories of Returning to Scotland

Picken - a name that originated in the days of William the Conqueror in the 11th century and crops up in Ayrshire around 1730. The graphic here is from the Bayeux Tapestry which illustrates William's invasion of England. See: Genealogy

Next Newsletter
The next newsletter is scheduled for 25 April and will be more of Tam's "Tall Tales" with a selection of current news items from Scotland.

And if you have any Scottish memories which you would like to contribute to "Memory Lane" I am hoping to have another Newsletter devoted to these soon!

Yours aye


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