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Scottish Associations of South Australia

Part of the Tartan Day Celebration at the Burns Statue in front of the University of Adelaide Library in 2009. The statue, carved from New Zealand marble by a Scot, William James Maxwell (1842-1903) was presented by the South Australian Caledonian Society (now the Royal Caledonian Society of South Australia) and was originally unveiled in 1894 outside the Mitchell building.

Welcome to the Web site of The Scottish Associations of South Australia!

The constitutional objects of the Association are:

  • To unite all Scottish Clubs, Societies and Associations into state-wide association with each Member Body retaining its individual identity.
  • To represent Member Bodies with a united voice when dealing with matters of common interest.
  • To create and maintain communication between Members in the fostering of national customs.
  • Generally to further the advancement of Scottish interests.
  • This Association shall be non-sectarian and non-political.

March 2011 to February 2012

The Executive Committee most sincerely thank all Societies, Clans, Clubs and Kindred Societies for their co-operation in providing the information for this year's Datebook/Directory.

Information, as published, is understood to be correct at the time of going to print but the inevitable alterations throughout the year's Calendar should be allowed for, and in this regard we strongly urge that contact be made with the various organisations for any updated information.

Functions as listed within the Datebook/Directory may be cancelled, transferred to another date, or altered due to unforeseen circumstances, so it is recommended that a check be made with the respective Society, Clan or Class as to the time and date of any event or function when making your bookings.

Whilst every care has been given to Telephone, Fax, Mobile, Email and Web details please would you re-check that the details you require are in fact correct.

Your attention is drawn to the "Special Events Calendar"

All interested persons are most welcome to attend and support any of our Scottish functions.

During the last year we were saddened to hear of the passing of Sam Cunningam, who served as the Chief of the Port Adelaide Caledonian Society in 1984-85 and again in 1987. There is a tribute to Sam on a page of this Web site.